Thursday , September 21 2017
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Akwa Ibom State “pimping” it’s ladies now


If you know what’s happening in this photo, please step forward and explain to the rest of us…

This is an actual, non-ironic article written in the official magazine of the Akwa Ibom state government, Dakkada.

In 2016.

On print.

Shared with the world.

Let’s interpret it:

“Visit our state and take your pick!

“We have them in various shapes, sizes and specs, buxom, slim, tall, short, dark-skinned, moderately light-skinned, very light-skinned, etc. If you do not fancy our local collection, we can place an order for you, our “abroad” collection is avant-garde.”

They actually said ‘in various specs’. Specs. As in ‘specification’.


In a time of presidential misogyny, it’s so comforting to see true federalism bi-partisanship at work – a South South People’s Democratic Party state playing into an inane stereotype of ‘Calabar women’ by offering them as one of its tourist ‘delights’.

Women reduced to objects and to items everywhere we turn, by powerful men.

One nation, bound in prejudice.

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