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plus-sized brides
A Plus-sized Bride

Selecting the ideal wedding dress for plus-sized brides

All brides desire to  look like a million bucks on the day they walk down the aisle to take their wedding vows including plus-sized brides.

That you are not the over-played and hyped size six or eight does not mean you cannot look pretty good on your wedding day.

It is just a matter of picking the right dress that will not only complement your shape and curves, but will make your groom swoon as you slowly march down to him.

The three steps below provide some form of help in doing that:

play Choosing the right fabric helps give off the right look on a plus sized bride (Ali Express)
play A dress that accentuates the curves and downplays the bulges and bumps is the goal

1. The perfect fabric

The fabric of the dress you choose could make you look and feel great, or bloated and short of confidence.

If the intention is to downplay the belly, bum, or any other body part, a very light material is not recommendable. That means fabrics such as chiffon and some organzas might not be so ideal.

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Basically, the point is to make your dress in such a way that while the fullness and lushness of your body will be played on, bumps, bulges, and other unflattering body parts will be minimised.

Confidence goes a long way in rocking any bridal dress you choose

2. Find a flattering silhouette

For every body type, there is a silhouette that does wonder for your looks.

For the plus sized bride, ballgowns and A-lines are great, especially with ruching around the waist to accentuate the fullness of the hips and curves.

Mermaid gowns could be terrific, too.

play The right wedding dress is not complete without your confidence while wearing it

3. Confidence

Whatever happens, a massive dose of confidence will make you look extra beautiful.

What is important is that you feel comfortable and confident in your gown.

While there might be expert opinions on what you can wear and what you cannot, if your heart is set on something that you feel will look terrific on you, go for it!

Anything a lepa can rock, with some alterations here and there, it’ll look even more beautiful on a plus-sized bride.

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