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Uber Taxi: Some people will come back to Uber now that its CEO has resigned

Travis Kalanick’s decision to resign from his post as Uber’s CEO isn’t likely to turn around the company’s fortunes overnight. But it could give Uber a small boost in one area: ridership.

Among consumers who have scaled back or ceased using Uber, nearly 30% believe replacing Kalanick could coax them into giving the new wave taxi service another shot. That’s according to a recent Morning Consult poll -charted for us by Statista – that took place in the days leading up to and immediately following Kalanick’s resignation. The only thing that’d be more persuasive to disaffected riders? If the company lowered its prices.

With Lyft and others offering similar services, consumers are able to switch from company to company without much cost. As the survey indicates, for some consumers, the company’s recent scandals have tested their loyalties.

But not for everyone. Among all users, some 64% said the recent news surrounding the company either hadn’t affected their use of its service or had actually made them more likely to use it. And some 72% of all customers said they’re likely to continue using the service in coming months, Morning Consult said.

Mike Nudelman/Business Insider/Statista Uber

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